Where to Eat the Best Spanish Ham in Barcelona: From Bars to Shops and Delis

Spain is the territory of the beloved jamón, the exquisite dry-cured ham. From restaurants to gourmet shops to charcuteries, our guide will lead you to the best spots to find the most heavenly ham in Barcelona.

La Garriga 

Mallorca, 272

Copyright La Garriga

The established La Garriga opened in 1959 in Tenerife, Spain, and now has a special spot near the Sagrada Familia. For lunch, try their special jamón ibérico, chorizo, or longanisa. Then stay a little longer to fill up on classics like patatas bravas or Spanish tortillas. 

Jamonería Ibéric Laín

Carrer de Joan Güell, 165

Copyright Jamonería Ibéric Laín

It’s a ham paradise in this long, narrow delicatessen in Les Corts. Admire the beautiful wall of cured ham legs and piles of fresh cheeses from behind the glass counter. Then pick up a package of jamón ibérico, Catalan wine, tinned seafood, or other gourmet products. 

Enrique Tomas

Carrer de Ferran, 55

Copyright Eye On Food Tours

Originating in the nearby city of Badalona at the La Salut neighborhood market, Enrique Tomas has built a name for itself even outside Spain’s borders. Dine in the restaurant for the ruby-red jamón sandwiches and tapas, then browse the shop for vacuum-packed ham to savor for later. 

Xarcuteria La Pineda

Carrer del Pi, 16

Copyright Xarcutería La Pineda

We won’t stop gushing over no-frills tapas bars like La Pineda, just a stone’s throw away from the busy Las Ramblas. Come here and sit at their marble tables and dark wood chairs for a nostalgic Spanish tavern atmosphere. 

MAS Gourmets

La Rambla, 91, at La Boqueria market

Copyright Eye On Food Tours

La Boqueria would be incomplete without the corner stall, MAS Gourmets, a charcuterie with over 70 years of history. They have a comprehensive, dizzying selection of high-quality cured meats like Iberian ham, serrano ham, chorizo, or lomo.

Casa Alfonso

Roger de Llúria, 6

Copyright Casa Alfonso

As one of the first delicatessens in Barcelona, this iconic eats is where locals shoot the breeze among hanging ham hocks. Savor the taste of various cured meats like cecina (salted meat) from Leon or sausage from Vic. Stay a while longer and fill up on their tasty garlic prawns or squid ink paella. 

Andreu Xarcuteria

Rambla de Catalunya, 125

This elegant eatery and shop may be modern and sleek, but Andreu’s time-honored ham tradition goes back since 1930. Have a melt-in-your-mouth jamón ibérico de bellota – the best of the best ham – on their quaint terrace.  

Reserva Ibérica  

Rambla de Catalunya, 61

Copyright Reserva Ibérica

Not exactly an all-out restaurant, Reserva Ibérica has some tables reserved for sampling their fine ham in this tidy, modern space. Their aproned ham experts are known to give curious first-timers extra customer attention.

Xaloc Restaurant

Carrer de la Palla, 13

Copyright Xaloc

A contemporary but low-key restaurant, this Gothic Quarter location is the perfect stop between sightseeing. While their assorted Iberian jamón dish is to die for, dig in to some Manchego cheese, tasty cod fritters, or Andalusian calamares as well.

Jamón Jamón 

Avinguda Diagonal, 145

Copyright Jamón Jamón

Kick up your feet at the cozy and casual Jamón Jamón, where you can devour all things ham. It’s a butcher, shop, and restaurant, where you can indulge in jamón croquettes, mushrooms with jamón ibérico shavings, or a jamón ibérico sandwich.

Think you’ll be trying any slices of the glorious jamón while in Barcelona? Need more suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Words by Justine Ancheta for Eye On Food Tours


Charles Liondae is a passionate advocate for Spanish culture, history, and, above all, its vibrant culinary traditions. As a Freelance Food writer for Eye On Food Tours, he has dedicated himself to sharing the rich tapestry of flavors and stories that make Spanish cuisine truly exceptional.



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